27.07.2017US Treuhand recruits Bernd Sander as Head of Finance

Bernd Sander (40) has been appointed Head of Finance at US Treuhand in Munich as of 1 July. There he is responsible for the areas Financing / Currency Hedging, Reporting, as well as Taxes / Structuring.

13.01.2017US Treuhand transfers offices to Munich

US Treuhand has transferred its offices from Bad Homburg to Munich.

15.09.2016Thomas Gütle to be partner and managing director of US Treuhand

Thomas Gütle is moving to US Treuhand with effect from 1 November 2016. As the managing director, Gütle will be responsible for the area “Institutional and semi-institutional clients” in the future.

20.01.2014US Treuhand pays out more than 400 million US dollars to investors

US Treuhand can look back on a successful 2103 business year, with the company successfully liquidating four closed-end US real estate funds and investors in the funds receiving gross repayments of nearly 365 million US dollars.

10.05.2013UST Immobilien: New Company with Focus on US Real Estate established

Feri and US Treuhand in Darmstadt just signed an agreement for an extensive collaboration. At the core of the agreement is the formation of a joint company to be named UST Immobilien GmbH

09.04.2013Successful conclusion for project development fund “UST XXI New Jersey”

US Treuhand has successfully liquidated its fund “UST XXІ New Jersey, Ltd.” After just over four years the project development fund has generated gross repayments of approx. 150 per cent for its investors.

01.08.2011US Treuhand submits performance report for 2010

On the whole US Treuhand has submitted a positive performance report for 2010. Five of eight managed funds are distribution funds.

30.04.2010US Treuhand submits performance report for 2009

On the whole US Treuhand has submitted a positive performance report for 2009. Of the five distribution funds, three developed as planned and attained a distribution of at least eight per cent per annum.

28.04.2010Current fund of US Treuhand successfully placed

US Treuhand has placed in full the US real estate fund “UST XXІ New Jer-sey, Ltd.” with equity capital of 93.4 million US dollars.

01.05.2009US Treuhand submits performance report for 2008

US Treuhand Verwaltungsgesellschaft für US-Immobilienfonds mbH, Darmstadt, raised some 126.5 million US dollars from private investors in the 2008 business year.