• Since 1978, approx. six billion USD have been invested in US real estate by US Treuhand and Estein USA.
  • The investments include multifamily real estate as well as office, hotel and retail properties and are spread across 17 US states.
  • The 15 liquidated US Treuhand funds have all generated positive results (3.3 to 15.5 per cent total returns). Their returns averaged 10.5 per cent p.a.* (an IRR of 16.5 per cent p.a. before promote). The average IRR (before promote) of US Treuhand funds was thus considerably higher than the NPI benchmark (IRR 12.0 per cent p.a.).

*The average result p.a. in % was calculated by placing the overall result (distributions plus sales proceeds) in relationship to the term (without taking into account agio or taxes).